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Design Services

Home Consultation – $350 retainer

This will be credited towards your first purchase of $1500 or more (not including sales pieces).

When Ordinary Won’t Do

The award winning design team at The French Mix works within your budget to create a beautiful home that expresses your sense of style.  We attend market six times a year, working with thousands of product lines from all over the world.  We are continually searching for interesting pieces to stimulate your imagination and exceed your expectations.  Our goal is to design the home of your dreams by collaborating with you, listening to your needs and understanding your lifestyle while creating an ambiance that feels naturally evolved, never contrived.

$125 per hour for design assistance: 
House Plans, Paint Colors, Flooring, Cabinets and Plumbing Fixtures.

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The French Mix
Jennifer DiCerbo | Owner & Designer

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Please contact:
Jennifer DiCerbo at
985-590-9543(c) or
to schedule an appointment.

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